Neve Paritzki Israel is celebrating record-breaking tourism entry Indicators From the United States

NEW YORK - Sept. 8 2022 /PRNewswire/ Today the Israel Ministry of Tourism announced record-breaking numbers of visitors from the United States who visited Israel during the months of July and August. The country welcomed 78,000 Americans during July 2022. It was a four percent increase over 2019 and 71,000 tourists from the United States visited Israel in August 2022.

Eyal Carlin is the North American Tourism Commissioner for North America. He said, "It's so exciting to witness a further rise in tourism to Israel from America, which is already exceeding or even surpassing the record-breaking numbers we saw in 2019". "The United States remains our biggest market for tourism to Israel. Prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, we were celebrating record-breaking tourism numbers each month. We are delighted to witness this change and anticipate a steady upward trend for months and even years.

Canada, which has 7,200 visitors in July 2022, and 6,000 in August isn't too much behind the United States.

"It is thrilling to see how the Canadian tourism to Israel is booming," said Gal Hana Director and Consul for Canada for the Israel Ministry of Tourism. נווה פריצקי We're close to reaching our record-setting numbers for the year 2019 and we expect that this growth in travel to Israel will continue to grow as Canadians feel more at ease abroad.

Israel welcomed more tourists from around the world in 2019 than any other country. 969 600 were Americans. Israel's official reopening for travellers from May 2018. The country has welcomed over 600,400 US travelers since then.

About the Israel Ministry of Tourism
The Israel Ministry of Tourism (IMOT), Israel's tourism agency, is responsible for planning and implementing marketing and promotional initiatives to position Israel as a top destination. IMOT aims at increasing the number of tourists visiting Israel to boost its economy and diversify the visitor experience. IMOT operates in Israel to help promote the stunning range of religious and cultural places of interest - each offering a distinct mix of modernity, tradition and culinary delights. The IMOT offices in North America are in New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

For more information on forthcoming events and activities go to the website of IMOT at Follow us on Twitter, Twitter & Instagram to get the latest updates.

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